Three recent notebook purchases and what I plan on doing with them

3 recent notebook purchases

3 recent notebook purchases

Dear internet, have I told you about my notebook buying addiction? Ok, well, now you know about my notebook buying addiction. I have some go-to brands that I tend to use for my journal writing. I’m mostly happy with those brands, but a couple months ago, I decided test the waters and see what else was out there.

Here is what I decided to buy and what I think I’m going to use them for.

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  1. Dingbats
    I really appreciate how concerned this company is about the environment and I couldn’t say no to a notebook with my favorite animal on the cover. I will probably use this as my commonplace journal when I fill up my current one.
  2. Clairefontaine
    For those of you who don’t know, I also blog about Star Trek over on She Treks. As part of that blog, I routinely take notes on Star Trek episodes to make things easier when I sit down to write actual posts. Another fun fact about me is that I’m left handed and I don’t usually like writing in spiral bound notebooks because I find them uncomfortable. I do, however, make and exception in this case because I find folding things back make things easer when taking notes on a TV show. I came across Clairefontaine and thought I’d give them a try because they seemed inexpensive.
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  4. Field Notes
    I’ve been eying Field Notes notebooks for some time. I thought this size would be great to carry around in a bag or purse so that I could quickly jot down some ideas whenever I felt like it. When I found their notebooks with the coastal covers I decided to finally give them I try because I really like the covers.

Have you used any of these notebooks? What did you think of them?

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